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Solutions for Post-Production

The modern post production facility has become a fast-paced environment with rapidly changing needs. The difficulty is that the traditional model for audio connectivity and distribution – point-to-point analogue or digital – struggles to keep up with that pace. With an audio-over-IP solution, patching can be rapidly reconfigured through software, including the recalling of preset routes, mic preamp gains and settings and more. Focusrite's audio-over-IP products are based on the industry-standard Dante network technology, making them the perfect choice for any Post Production facility.

Since Dante is based on standard network traffic and hardware – Ethernet cabling/fibre, layer 3 switches – Focusrite's audio-over-IP products can leverage your existing network infrastructure, meaning cost saving on conventional multicore cabling, patch bays and interconnects as well as the time it takes to install and maintain such cabling. No longer are expensive digital audio routers needed to give you the flexibility to route audio throughout your facility. Furthermore, our audio and control data is fully compatible with all other network traffic including control surfaces or synchronisation such as Pro Tools Satellite Link.

Resources can be easily shared throughout the facility allowing the changing needs of projects to be quickly accommodated, while adding additional audio workstations to a room becomes as simple as plugging in an Ethernet cable. Patches to ADR suites can be accommodated in seconds and sending a mix to a producer suite is equally as straightforward. Connectivity options include mic pres, AES3, MADI, analogue line, ADAT, Pro Tools | HD, PCIe and Thunderbolt for Core Audio.

The flexibility of RedNet's modular approach means you can add audio I/O wherever it is needed within the facility, while the all-in-one approach to our Red interfaces makes the perfect choice for editing suites with outputs for surround monitoring including 7.1.2 and beyond.

  • Surround monitoring capabilities

    Surround monitoring capabilities

    The outputs of our Red interfaces can be sent directly to a powered monitoring system, with ganged level control from the front panel.
  • Quickly reallocate I/O

    Quickly reallocate I/O

    The entire facility can be quickly reconfigured to the needs of the latest projects.
  • Use existing infrastructure

    Use existing infrastructure

    Reduce installation times, cabling complexity and cost by using the existing network infrastructure.
  • Extensive compatibility

    Extensive compatibility

    A wide range of connectivity options are available, including analogue, MADI, AES3, Mac, Windows, Pro Tools | HD and of course other Dante products.

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