USB Audio Interfaces

From entry level desktop interfaces to professional studio racks, we have a comprehensive range of USB audio interfaces with various numbers of channel inputs that can be mains or bus powered.

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USB audio interfaces

Focusrite USB audio interfaces offer high-quality audio recording and playback for musicians, podcasters, and content creators. With low-latency performance, pristine sound, and user-friendly design, they provide a seamless connection between instruments, microphones, and computers. These interfaces are essential tools for achieving professional-grade audio production in a compact and accessible package.

What is a USB audio interface?

A USB audio interface is a compact device that connects to a computer via USB and facilitates high-quality audio input and output. It enables recording and playback of audio signals from microphones, instruments, and speakers, enhancing sound quality for tasks like music production, podcasting, and live streaming.

What is the best USB audio interface?

What makes the best USB audio interface will depend on your needs as a creator. If you're looking to record music, we would recommend checking out our Scarlett and Clarett+ ranges, and if you're looking to record audio for podcasts or live streaming you should explore our Vocaster range.