ADAT Audio Interfaces

ADAT-enabled audio interfaces are perfect for expanding the capabilities of any audio interface, digital console or hard disc recorder with ADAT inputs.

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Audio interfaces with ADAT

Focusrite ADAT audio interfaces provide high-quality, expandable connectivity for recording and playback. These audio interfaces seamlessly integrate analog and digital audio signals, enhancing studio setups. With reliable synchronisation, they allow multiple devices to work together, enabling efficient audio production and editing. Ideal for musicians, producers, and engineers seeking versatile and professional-grade audio solutions.

What is an ADAT audio interface?

An ADAT audio interface is a digital device that connects to computers or recording equipment. It uses ADAT (Alesis Digital Audio Tape) protocol to transmit up to 8 channels of high-quality audio over optical cables. Ideal for expanding input/output capabilities of audio setups, it enhances recording and mixing possibilities.