Pro Audio In Education - June 2nd 2021

How teaching changed during the pandemic. 

Your students are studying to become working musicians, producers, audio engineers, and digital content creators and they need to learn with professional tools. Students who create and produce like a pro today are ready for their future.

This first webinar in Focusrite's Pro Audio in Education webinar series is about how teaching, creating, and working in the studio changed during the pandemic. Hosted by Berklee College of Music faculty member, John Escobar. John is joined by:

  • Academy Award nominee Martin Hernandez (Birdman, The Revenant)
  • Iconic studio designer Horacio Malvicino of Malvicino Designs
  • San Francisco Conservatory of Music executive director Taurin Barrera
  • Belmont University's Ron Romano from the Mike Curb College of Entertainment and Music Business

Video Highlights

Democratization of Audio and Ed Tech

In this Pro Audio in Education webinar highlight, San Francisco Conservatory of Music's Taurin Barrera discusses how technology affects all students and faculty during the pandemic.

RedNet and Dante Changed the Music World

In this Focusrite webinar highlight iconic studio designer Horacio Malvicino of Malvicino Designs shares the many ways that the pandemic motivated change in the ways he, his clients, faculty, and students, experience dramatic change in music and audio creation thanks to audio-over-IP.

Audio and Music Collaboration is a Worldwide Fact

In this Focusrite webinar highlight, Academy-award nominated sound designer Martin Hernandez tells it like it is — remote collaboration when creating and working on music and audio is now a "worldwide fact."

What Needs to Return to Campus

This Focusrite Pro Audio in Education Webinar highlight includes Belmont University, San Francisco Conservatory of Music, Malvicino Designs, and award-winning sound designer Martin Hernandez sharing what they can't wait to return to as they return to campus and studios as the pandemic wanes.

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