What’s the best interface for recording Brass?

A good brass section can elevate all types of music, from funk to jazz and beyond. Capturing the sound of brass isn’t hard, but there are some special considerations when choosing an audio interface. 

Keeping it clean

Having chosen a suitable microphone — avoid ribbon microphones as they can’t cope with the high sound pressure levels (SPL) of your instrument — you need an audio interface that will handle your sound without clipping or distorting. Additionally, you’ll need an audio interface with preamps that will ensure you get a clean and clear tone to preserve the purity of the instrument.

Polish your brass

Built upon 30 years of mic pre history, the Clarett+ range of audio interfaces will take your brass recordings to another level. Air mode is designed to bring extra clarity and character to your sound and bring your brass to the front of the mix.

From solo to section

If you need to expand from a solo instrument, even our smallest Clarett+ 2Pre offers ADAT expandability and you can pair a Clarett+ 2Pre with a Clarett OctoPre for even more inputs, enough for a brass section. The eight mic pres have been designed specifically for the Clarett range with plenty of gain, low noise, and low distortion — as well as excellent sound quality.

Quality sound made easy

In addition to superb quality sound, Focusrite audio interfaces include ‘Easy Start’: a tool designed to get you up and running straight away, which gives you time to focus on your performance without worrying about settings.