What’s the best interface for making Hip Hop Music?

If you want to ensure you have the best chance of a hit when making hip hop, you’re going to need clear vocals and an inventive, catchy rhythm. Choosing the right audio interface to match these needs can be difficult, especially as you’ll want to make sure you are getting superb clarity and a great mix.

Pristine vocals

Hip-hop demands good vocals, and your choice of audio interface is key to delivering just that. All Focusrite interfaces have precise mic pres, so your voice will be reflected accurately and will have the clarity that you need.

Air is a feature found on all Focusrite audio interfaces, which can give colour to your sound and bring out amazing high-end detail. The re-engineered Air mode for Scarlett 4th Gen has two modes and addsa truly musical presence and rich harmonic drive, just like a classic console in a big studio. 

Connecting it all

Hip hop is not just about vocals, of course. You’ll quite likely have other studio equipment you’ll need to connect, such as vintage drum machines and other hardware. To be sure of a fast workflow, getting an interface with MIDI inputs and outputs is a must. Consider either the Scarlett 4i4 or, for even greater audio performance, the Clarett+ 2Pre. 

Not just an interface

Rhythm is also key to creating a good hip hop track, and for beats, we've got you covered. Every Focusrite interface ships with lots of great loops and plug-ins, and with the inclusion of Hitmaker Expansion, you’ll have all the inspiration you could possibly need. Create studio quality vocals, powerful guitars, huge drums – and finish off by mixing and mastering with iconic Focusrite studio hardware. Every registered interface also gives you frequent access to free plug-ins and offers, as well as discounts, too — so that inspiration keeps on coming.

Mix and match

Mixing down your tracks can be difficult enough without the added complication of running them through an A-D/D-A converter. You need to be sure that you are using an audio interface that will offer you a tight mix. All Focusrite Scarlett and Clarett+ interfaces offer high-performance converters that allow you to record, mix and play back audio in studio quality, anywhere.

With solid hardware and software, a Focusrite audio interface provides everything you need to get your message out to the world, with lots of choices to match your needs. Backed by over 30 years’ experience, Focusrite interfaces have got you covered.