What’s the best interface for making electronic music?

Choosing the right audio interface for electronic music can be problematic. Synths and drum machines can become very addictive and it’s easy to continue to expand your collection of hardware without considering how you’ll connect it all. It really helps if you can have all your gear connected and leave it that way. You’ll also want to ensure you get the best sound, especially if you’ve spent hours on that one patch. The last thing you need is for all that work to be ruined by a poor-quality recording.

Keep connected

Choosing an audio interface that offers maximum connectivity and room for you to grow your gear collection is a real plus if you’re making electronic music. With the inclusion of MIDI input and output, you can connect all your equipment with ease. A Scarlett 18i20 or Scarlett OctoPre offers MIDI I/O as well as eight inputs right out of the box, with the option to expand even more via ADAT.

Sound design that sounds good

You might have invested thousands to get the sound of real hardware, so you want it to sound right. All Focusrite interfaces have high-quality line inputs with a wide dynamic range to do any hardware synth justice.

Making that sound yours

Manipulating your recording effectively can be the difference between a hit or a miss. With every Focusrite audio interface comes a huge range of plugins and software that will ensure you are never lost for inspiration. Now with the addition of the Hitmaker Expansion for every newly registered interface, you’ll be making hits in no time.