Webinar - Podcasting in the Classroom with Focusrite Vocaster

Watch the highlights from Focusrite Group in Education's webinar on Podcasting in Education, featuring experts who have integrated podcasting into their educational environment: 

- Laura Ubate, Podcaster and content creator
- Chioke l'Anson, Director of Community Media, Virginia Commonwealth University, VA
- Wayne Splettstozer, Director of Instrumental Music/Music Technology, Torrington High School, CT
- Moderated by Dr. Lee Whitmore, Vice President, Education, Focusrite Group

Our panel shared success stories and advice for educations looking to utilize podcasting as an educational tool.

Video Highlights

What is the State of Podcasting Today?
Our panel discusses the current state of the podcasting industry and how education fits into it.

Recommendations for New Podcasters
The panel shares tips, tricks and recommendations they give to people interested in starting a podcast.

The Importance of High Quality Audio
The panel explains why they recommend using high quality gear when recording your podcast.

Keeping Students Engaged
The panel discusses how podcasting can be used as an effective tool to keep students engaged in their learning.

Interesting Projects in Podcasting
Our panel reviews some of the interesting podcasting projects they are working on.

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