The Bedroom — Wargasm

Curated chaos ensuing carnage and raw energy. 

Watch London-based duo WARGASM light-up The Bedroom stage and create curated chaos accompanied by their live band — performing their singles Salma Hayek and Spit.

WARGASM are a band with a unique sound, not afraid to mix things up with an amalgamation of genres, ranging from electro-punk, nu metal, and post-hardcore. Watch them tear up the stage, often exchanging vocals throughout, creating an electric display. Sam Matlock and Milkie Way formed WARGASM in 2018 and have exploded on the rock scene, delivering 11 solo singles in addition to three collaborations.

September 2021 saw WARGASM win Heavy Music Awards’ honour of Best UK Breakthrough Band, shutting down the hosts’ Twitch account in the process for three days during their live performance. Sam and Milkie are no strangers to sticking to their views in light of the video platforms’ algorithm.

Watch WARGASM perform singles Salma Hayek and Spit.

Channeling lyrics ‘embrace decay,' WARGASM do exactly that with Salma Hayek ensuing carnage with hard hitting drums, fuzzy guitars, and aggressive vocal delivery — juxtaposed with ‘softer’ vocals to break the mould. All these elements are intertwined with electronic sounds which can be heard through the breakdown, “Coming in with the subtlety of a pack of wild dogs”, as the lyrics states.

The seamless vocal exchange between Sam and Milkie continues through to Spit — another raucous offering, introduced through guitar feedback before kicking off with numerous layers. The verse, carried with overdriven bass, is contrasted with the explosive chorus where powerfully delivered vocals are on display.

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