Red Fits For Donal Hodgson

In The Studio Or On Location, Red Fits The Bill For Donal Hodgson

Emmy- and Grammy-winning sound and mix engineer and Pro Tools® expert Donal Hodgson is featured in a new Case Study about his use of the Focusrite Red 4Pre with multiple Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs).

Donal Hodgson has worked as music editor on a range of film, TV and packaged media productions as well as an extensive range of albums. The list has included six albums with Sting as well as live mixing and recording for broadcast a series of major live events with the artist.

Hodgson owns a pair of Focusrite Red 4Pre interfaces and finds it particularly useful that he can connect them either via the built-in DigiLink interface to Pro Tools | HDX, or via Thunderbolt to a range of other DAWs, and for use on location. With studio and now remote recordings and playback a regular part of his audio life, he's found the connectivity that a Red interface offers is an added benefit to its superb sound quality. "Originally, a significant benefit of the Red 4Pre was that I could take the same interface and use it both for mobile and in the studio," he notes. "That was the reason I bought it when I first saw it. I thought, well, this covers all my bases in one box."

In addition to regular studio work, Donal is also handling a steady stream of location choral recordings, which is quite complex on the monitoring side, where the Red 4Pre is used to deliver three different headphone mixes.