Planning And Funding For CTE In 2023

Watch our Career and Technical Education planning and funding webinar featuring our panel of CTE program experts:

  • Anne Fennell, San Diego Unified School District and California Music Educators Association
  • Mark Beckett, Donald M. Payne Sr. High School, Essex County, NJ
  • Charles Murphy, Roosevelt High School, St. Louis, MO
  • Luis Rodriguez, Lawndale High School, Lawndale, CA

They shared tips on what they are teaching, how they are finding funding, and where their student alums have gone on to work.

Video Highlights

Building Support

Anne Fennell discusses her experiences with building buy-in for the arts-related CTE programs in her school.

Taking Advantage Of Resources

Luis Rodriguez discusses resources and strategies that have helped him build his program.

Use Your Experience

Mark Beckett discusses how he draws from his experience as a professional musician to develop the coursework for his students.

Bring It To The Community

Charles Murphy discusses the importance of community support for CTE programming.

Get the Expert Guide: How to Fund Your Career Tech Program

Focusrite's expert funding guide is a one-stop resource on what funding exists and how to seek it for your Career Tech Ed in audio program.

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