Never Stop Creating — The Amazons

As the interface of the people, Scarlett have found their way into millions of homes and professional studios, enabling musicians, songwriters, and producers to record, mix and play back audio in studio quality worldwide. If you’re an artist starting out, developing or even touring, chances are you’ve recorded with a Scarlett — The Amazons are no exception to this. We take a deeper look into how Scarlett has been instrumental to the writing process for the band.

The Amazons are a four-piece British rock band signed to Fiction Records, and Island Records in the US. In 2017, Their self-titled debut album, shot straight into the UK Top 10 and was the highest-charting rock debut album in the UK for three years running. Today, as well as having the official walkout song for their hometown club of Reading FC with the track ‘Black Magic’, The Amazons are headlining festivals and selling out tours across the globe.

Away from their usual writing space, Scarlett has enabled The Amazons to set down their gigantic riffs in a more intimate space, which they credit to the development of their latest record. The right-hand man — a Scarlett interface has been the ‘kicking and screaming reaction to the last 18-months’ — paving a way for the band to write more personal music thanks to the interface.

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