Never Stop Creating — Pocket Queen

Scarlett interfaces have become the interface of the people and have found their way into millions of homes and professional studios — enabling musicians, songwriters, and producers to record, mix, and play back audio in studio-quality worldwide. If you’re an artist starting out, developing your skills, or even touring, chances are you’ve recorded with a Scarlett. For this spotlight we feature another musician that uses Scarlett as part of her audio setup – Taylor Gordon, The Pocket Queen.

In a world of up-and-coming musicians with social media presence, New Orleans native Taylor Gordon (aka The Pocket Queen) has proven to be a stand-out talent. Acquiring her first drum kit at the tender age of three, her hard-hitting edgy drumbeats, paired smooth rhythms, and charismatic smile has seen her steadily gain thousands of followers. The Drummer/Producer has produced for — and shared the stage with — some of the biggest names in entertainment including Kehlani, Chris Brown, Beyoncé, and Fifth Harmony. More recently she’s released her debut EP Groove Theory Vol. 1, which is a fusion of musical styles and focuses on self-empowerment and self-love.

Scarlett brings high-quality sound to any studio, and for Taylor “Sound quality is everything.” As she explains, “There are so many details that make a difference in how something is received sonically. You can have five different drum sets, but the way that you choose to record them will make all the difference in how it’s received.”

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