Never Stop Creating — Lauran Hibberd

If you’re an artist starting out, developing your skills, or even touring, chances are you’ve recorded with a Scarlett. Scarlett interfaces have become the interface of the people and have found their way into millions of homes and professional studios — enabling musicians, songwriters, and producers to record, mix, and play back audio in studio-quality worldwide. For this spotlight we feature Scarlett user and popstar Lauran Hibberd.

Lauran Hibberd’s star is rising and doesn’t look set to dim any time soon. She’s seen her popularity increase, as her clever lyrics and catchy melodies have been making a name for her across the industry. She started her career with folk music, opening Bestival’s main stage aged eighteen. Soon, she was able to head into the studio to record her early tracks, and that’s when everything changed. A producer handed her an overdrive pedal and a copy of Weezer’s The Blue Album. “That was me converted,” she says. Lauran’s latest EP Goober follows on from 2019’s Everything Is Dogs and builds upon the distinctive dry wit that the release carved out.

Scarlett high-quality audio interfaces are used in countless home studios, including Lauran’s. Speed and efficiency keep thoughts and ideas flowing and having an interface that just works can make the difference between getting ideas down and losing that moment of inspiration. As Lauran says, “When you’re writing, and you have that lightbulb moment… it’s so exciting, you can’t wait to lay it down and send it to everyone you know.”

Scarlett has become an integral part of Lauran’s equipment. “Everything that’s done here, guitars, vocals… everything is run through that interface (Scarlett 4i4). When you’re first starting your home studio setup, you make a list and on there is Focusrite, it’s very much an essential I think, if you’re recording at home.”#

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