Never Stop Creating — Chris Buck

Scarlett interfaces have enabled millions of musicians, songwriters, and producers to record, mix, and play back audio in studio-quality worldwide and have become the interface of the people. If you’re an artist starting out, developing your skills, or even touring, chances are you’ve recorded with a Scarlett. For this spotlight we feature Chris Buck, an award-winning blues guitarist that uses Scarlett for his recordings.

Guitarist Chris Buck is currently at the top of the iTunes album rock charts with his band Cardinal Black, having been recently voted ‘Best New Guitarist’ and ‘Best Blues Guitarist’ by the readers of Guitarist Magazine. Chris also has a hugely popular YouTube channel.

"I think I knew pretty early on that I wanted to be a musician," he says. “Replicating what was coming out of my old man's stereo had a huge effect on me.”

For Chris, making music is all about living in the moment. “The ‘moment’ for me is that moment when you’re creating something, and something takes you off guard. You’re just playing, you’re noodling away and becoming aware that your cheeks are aching because you’ve been smiling for the last forty minutes.”

Ensuring he can create and record anywhere is what matters most to Chris. As he explains, “The (Focusrite) 2i2 is absolutely integral to what I do. Some of the recordings I’ve made that I’ve been most happy with were around my kitchen table with my interface and my laptop — and that was it. It wasn’t necessarily an Abbey Road, it was the place where I just felt most inspired at that particular point in time.

“Finding that ability to persevere and draw the best out of yourself is an integral part of what I do, so just having something that takes the focus off having to deep dive into equipment just facilitates that process.”

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