Never Stop Creating — Aziya

Scarlett audio interfaces are the best-selling audio interfaces in the world and have truly become the interface of the people. They grace both home and professional studios alike and are enabling musicians, songwriters, and producers to record, mix, and play back audio in studio-quality everywhere. The chances are that if you’re an artist starting out, developing your skills, or even touring — you’ve recorded with Scarlett. For this spotlight we feature the unique sound and personality Ayiza.

Ayiza is a multi-instrumentalist and producer who was born into a family of music lovers. Starting with guitar, she soon progressed to piano and more, and then moved on to music production as well. “I started producing as a means to not just have a recording of me on the guitar or piano. I was getting into bands and I wanted to show people what I wanted them to do on the bass or on the drums”, she says. Her debut EP We Speak of Tides is a fusion of indie, grunge and psychedelic rock – Ayiza’s sound is very much her own.

Getting your ideas recorded immediately can be key for artists — and choosing an interface that lets you do just that can be a game-changer. “As a writer I go through moments of having nothing to say, and then suddenly spurts of having everything to say”, Ayiza explains. “I think that when you’re suddenly able to just blurt that out, sonically but lyrically as well, it is definitely that ‘pinch me’ moment. As a musician I think the Focusrite 2i2 was the easiest, most affordable piece of equipment that I could literally create a whole body of work from – it meant that I could put a vocal and a guitar in, double those guitars up and I can get those initial ideas right down.”

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