Focusrite Group On Pro Audio In Education, Episode 2

Studio Recording And Production Essentials For Your College Program. 

For those studying to become working musicians, producers, audio engineers, and digital content creators, you need to learn with professional tools. Students who create and produce like a pro today will be more prepared for a thriving career in the audio industry tomorrow.

The second episode in our Focusrite Group series of Pro Audio in Education webinars hosted education experts talking about the skills and knowledge needed to succeed as an audio professional.The event was hosted by Berklee College of Music faculty member, John Escobar, who was joined by:

  • Diana Tenorio, mixing engineer for streaming series content at Cinematic Media
  • Carlos Freitas, Grammy Award winning audio engineer
  • Brian Smithers, Full Sail University's audio program director
  • Dr. Chandler Bridges, Indiana University's associate professor of audio engineering and sound production

Video Highlights

Students Learning and Creating in Immersive Audio

Full Sail University's Brian Smithers discusses how students can experience immersive audio anywhere.

What is Mixing and What is Mastering?

Latin GRAMMY winning mastering engineer Carlos Freitas explains the roles of mixing and mastering engineer in the age of immersive audio.

When is a Mix Done?

Indiana University Bloomington's Dr. Chandler Bridges shares advice for students on collaboration between musicians, producers, and audio engineers.

What Students Need to get a Great Job in Film Sound Design

Sound designer and engineer Diana Tenorio shares what students need to know to get a job on her team.

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