Download the latest software update available for Vocaster Hub

Vocaster Hub v1.3 is now available to download as the ongoing support for podcasters continues. 

Further Auto Gain support has been added. When selecting Default, Stream, or Camera in the settings, the Auto Gain target level and Enhance settings will adjust so that they are optimal if you are podcasting, streaming, or vlogging.

You can now change the look and feel of Vocaster Hub in the settings and choose the new dark theme in the theme selector. The theme can be set to “system” to match your OS’s dark mode setting, which is useful if you have your operating system automatically change after sunset or sunrise.

Switch seamlessly between headphones and speakers at the click of a button with the upgraded mute function for Host and Guest. Save yourself from changing volumes between the two so that your preferred level is always untouched while leaving everything plugged in. No more endless adjusting between breaks in recording or editing.

Download Vocaster Hub v1.3 today and continue creating broadcast-quality shows.