RedNet AM2

RedNet Control

RedNet Control GUIRedNet Control is Focusrite's software interface for routing, controlling and configuring RedNet interfaces from a computer on the network. 

Typically running on the computer housing the RedNet host, RedNet Control provides a "drag and drop" interface for routing audio to and from RedNet PCIe, RedNet 5 and Dante Virtual Soundcard (DVS). This provides a fast, effective and simple method of routing audio as a complex matrix is not required. Simply drag a unit from the "Unrouted" section and it will be routed within moments.

The following functions are just some of the remote controllable aspects of RedNet interfaces:

• Gain of preamps (RedNet 4)
• Reference level (RedNet 1 and RedNet 2: +18 dBu and + 24dBu)
• Clock source (RedNet 3 and RedNet 5)
• RedNet preferred master clock
• Sample rate

For more information about how RedNet Control interacts with specific interfaces, please read the user manual for the interface.

System Requirements 

RedNet Control is supported with the following operating systems:

Mac OS X 10.7.x; and

Mac OS X 10.8.x

Windows 7 64 bit; and

Windows 8 64 bit