SuperSmash Dan

Which Saffire do you use?
Saffire Pro 14

When did you get it?
February 2013

What are your specific needs and how does your Saffire cater to them?
I need the Saffire for home studio production - virtually everything; recording, monitoring, midi...

What do you use your Saffire for?
I use the Saffire Pro 14 to record virtually everything except drums (only because of the small number of inputs). That includes guitars, amps, gameboys, acoustic instruments, vocals - everything, and with condenser and dynamic mics and line signals.

I also use it for routing monitors and other speaker systems because of the large number of outputs, and for routing midi (including MIDINES).

What made you choose your Saffire in the first place?
I had an M-Audio (now avid) fasttrack pro for a few years. It was okay but the quality wasn't cutting it when recording at low volumes and jacking up the preamps. I brought the saffire in to replace it after doing my research (reviews, price comparison, value for money, etc). The first thing I noticed was how much more sturdy a piece of hardware it was - the real deal, so to speak.

How do you benefit from using your Saffire over other interfaces?
The preamps are gorgeous. I really have no complaints, the quality of sound doesn't diminish as the gain gets cranked - that's actually a huge difference to previous experiences with audio interfaces; the sheer quality of the preamps. The saffire has never randomly broken or let me down, and the firewire connection frees up some space and latency is never an issue.

What environment do you use it in? In a pro studio, at home, on the road?
I use the Saffire Pro 14 in my home studio and on the road. I often transport it to conduct work elsewhere.

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