Focusrite's Red interfaces - the perfect partner for Pro Tools | HD

Now that Avid has unbundled the elements of Pro Tools | HD, it's easier than ever to use a third-party audio interface with Pro Tools | HD. And nothing makes a better choice for Pro Tools | HD than Focusrite's latest and most advanced interfaces, the Red 4Pre and Red 8Pre. Buy Pro Tools | HD Native or HDX hardware, and plug a Red interface straight in.

Connect your Red 4Pre or Red 8Pre to Pro Tools | HD Native or HDX cards via the dual built-in mini-DigiLink connectors: nothing could be simpler. The Red interface behaves just like an Avid interface in Pro Tools, and you can use the Red 4Pre or Red 8Pre in conjunction with Avid interfaces or the Sync HD.

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Most important of all, every feature of the Red 4Pre or Red 8Pre is available in Pro Tools, just as it is with any other DAW. Hear the honest, accurate, specially-designed Red Evolution mic pres with their 'Air' effect that's ideal for vocals and acoustic instruments. Get your sound clean and clear from input to output with Red's precision Parallel Path Summing digital conversion for lower noise and superior sound. Grow your system with Dante audio-over-IP networking and connect Focusrite RedNet and other Dante devices. Or expand via the ADAT interfaces with a Focusrite OctoPre for additional ins – and outs.

And don't forget that Red 4Pre and Red 8Pre supports both DigiLink and Thunderbolt directly. Connect Red to your laptop on the road via Thunderbolt and capture a live set. Take it back to the studio and plug in to Pro Tools | HD for mix down. Wherever you are, Focusrite Red 4Pre and Red 8Pre deliver the superb sound, flexibility and overall performance you expect from Focusrite – the world's leading audio interface creator.

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