Get two songs mastered for free

05 Oct 2017

Also subscribe to CloudBounce Infinity Annual for $99

Partnered with online mastering service CloudBounce, we have arranged for an exciting, one-of-a-kind Plug-in Collective offer for all registered Focusrite hardware customers. Until 9 November, customers can get two songs mastered for free by signing in to their Focusrite accounts. Customers can also subscribe to CloudBounce Infinity Annual (normally priced at $199.99) for $99.

Infinity Annual is the best and most popular CloudBounce plan – with endless high-res WAVs (24-bit), unlimited 320kbps MP3s, access on any device, more than 15 genre-specific mastering styles, more than 10 post-mastering options, a shareable player page, lifetime cloud backup and track statistics.

CloudBounce offer a high-quality service for anyone who makes music and wants to have it mastered quickly, cost-effectively and in a way that lets the user be in control of the final result. Their service is meant for all musicians, artists, producers and record labels beyond genres and musical tastes. In other words, if you make music and need tailored high-quality final polishing for it at affordable prices, their service is for you.

CloudBounce is a quick and helpful tool to aid you during your music production process as a whole. Use their mastering for help during mixing, sample enhancement, final mastering and more. Bounce back and forth to decide how close to ready you really are. CloudBounce provides a fast and super convenient way to get your songs mastered 24/7 – with lossless quality.

Producers have been so convinced by the new CloudBounce mastering engine that in several cases, they were not able to tell the difference between a CloudBounce master and a commercial one. You decide for yourself.

Get two songs mastered