Empower your DAW with Flux’s sound science

11 Jan 2017

Back in the 1990s the selection of audio production software was limited. It was the dawn of the Digital Audio Workstation age, and engineers were experiencing a lack of proper software tools for the new DAW era. French engineer Gael Martinet — who would go on to be Flux’s founder and lead developer — had extensive experience as a sound engineer in the recording, mastering and post-production industry in Paris. But as technology advanced, he saw the need for more software-based processing options. So he immersed himself in C++ books, fully determined to the create the tools he needed for the Digital Audio revolution he saw unfolding in front of him.

After over a decade, with a close collaboration as a subcontractor for Merging Technologies, and being deeply involved in the creation of Merging’s now well renowned products, Martinet finally had the idea of Flux. In 2006, the dream of an exquisite product line tailored for professional sound engineers was starting to take shape.

Since then Flux have established a reputation as one of the leading brands in audio plugin design, with a focus on creating intuitive and technically innovative audio software tools with unparalleled sound quality. Their products are used by sound engineers and producers in the most prestigious recording studios, film sound stages and radio/TV stations throughout the world. Flux continue to bring new and innovative products and solutions to market that provide the very best audio quality for industry professionals that need to keep up with the technological evolution they face every day.

Flux continue this mission, notably with their long collaboration with the French audio research center IRCAM in Paris. The latest release from this partnership is SPAT Revolution, which Flux’s Felix Niklasson describes as “the most comprehensive and sophisticated real-time Immersive 3D Audio engine ever designed”. It provides acoustics simulation with multiple rooms and localisation for surround and multi-channel use, supporting an unlimited number of input/output channels (both for hardware and plug-in I/O) as well as unlimited number of input/output transcoders. Flux are also working on another “secret, ground-breaking software project”, estimated to be available during the first half of 2017. Discover more about Flux here.