Considering a new interface?

If you have Thunderbolt on your computer, maybe there should be a Clarett in your future. Focusrite's Clarett range of Thunderbolt interfaces feature impressively low latency combined with superb audio performance, 'Air'-enabled preamps and excellent value for money. But don't just take our word for it: check out what some of our artists have to say about the Clarett range.

"The Clarett provides an incredible solution to having and all in one centerpiece for my studio. For the first time, I can have 8 high quality, clean and clear pre-amps, with the option of the brilliantly designed “Air” switch, paired with an ultra low latency workflow with the Thunderbolt connection. Simply put, it just works, and it works well. It’s important for today’s producer in a home studio environment to have high quality gear that they can TRUST at an affordable price point that doesn’t compromise the sound. After years and years on buying and selling interfaces, I have finally found the centerpiece to my studio, and I couldn’t be happier."

Xander Singh - Los Angeles based songwriter and film composer

"This new Focusrite interface has simplified my home studio remarkably and made it so much more fun to record! I’ve already made leaps and bounds in the short time I’ve been using it."

Brandon Boyd - vocalist for Incubus and Sons of the Sea

"The new Focusrite Clarett is all you'd want in a high-end conversion box, but at about half the price. Add to it Focusrite's unique AIR™ technology, a host of class-A mic pre's and a top shelf monitoring section and you've got the best value in a sonically competitive thunderbolt IO today.”

Glenn Rosenstein - Nashville based producer, mixer, engineer, and songwriter

"Nigel Pepper, our Front of House sound engineer, is absolutely chuffed at the way the interfaces sound. We had a good chat after the show, and he said the definition and depth of the output compared to the RME interfaces we have had previously is far greater and focused. He also said that the high and mid range clarity was much tighter, and he was hearing Edwin play parts that before would have got lost in the mix. He was hearing things in the keyboards that he hadn't heard before. So basically we are really happy here. The Clarett 8Pre's have been a game changer for us."

James Sharpe - touring tech for UK based band FOALS

"One of the best features of the Clarett 8Pre is that I can use any plugs-ins. I mostly mix with UAD plugs, and it’s great that the Clarett is compatible with that, but it’s really cool that its capable of running anything. You can basically put any AAX across the channel. The latency is really low, too, I think down around a millisecond. Everyone that I recorded using it has been blown away by the clarity and saturation of the pres; for me, it’s reminiscent of the newer Neve and classic Trident mic pres. Plus, there are two headphone outputs with separate levels, a big volume knob on the front…all that really adds up."

"Bassy Bob" Brockman - Grammy winning producer and mixer based in NYC