Focusrite Mic Pre Masters iOS

Peter and Kerry with iTrack Solo

Peter Lyons and Kerry Leatham were successful solo artists on Tape Club Records, where they became friends and began an impulsive side-project, Peter and Kerry. Embarking on an uninterrupted writing and recording session at Peter’s Southampton home one summer weekend, the duo returned with a finished record – Clothes, Friends, Photos EP, which gathered worldwide critical acclaim. They’ve since released debut album La Trimouille, recorded whilst on a trip to the small, remote village in west France.

Peter and Kerry recorded an acoustic version of I Don’t Know for us using iTrack Solo – check out their performance in the video below:

Superb Sound In Your Hand

Each range of Focusrite interfaces has a mic pre designed specially for it, and each has to play to the strengths of the platform and avoid the weaknesses. In that sense, designing for Focusrite’s iOS interfaces was the trickiest of the lot, because the iOS platform places distinct restrictions on what you can do. This is primarily because the mobile environment limits the current drawn to 100mA maximum without an external power supply – a fraction of the power available for an externally-powered interface, and a tight limitation to work with.

Peter and Kerry Unmixed

In the mixer panel below, you’ll find an excerpt from the song I Don’t Know featured above. The acoustic guitar and vocal are presented as separate stems (sub-mixes) from the final master mix, so you can listen to them individually and together, and get a better impression of the quality of the individual sounds.

The semi-acoustic guitar was recorded direct into the iTrack Solo, while the vocals were recorded with a Rode NT2A condenser microphone. The resulting tracks were mixed in GarageBand for iPad to produce the final mix you can hear in the video.

Please allow time for the tracks to load before you listen to them. The lossless, CD quality versions are larger in size and therefore take longer to load than the compressed .mp3 versions below. To listen to the lossless files, click on the button at the top of the player.