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The Recording Revolution, Liquid Saffire 56 Review

You have a lot of functionality out of one box that's pretty affordable.

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Sound on Sound, Liquid Saffire 56 Review

The reality is that this is an excellent package for the money, and that it is unique.

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Crossfadr, Liquid Saffire 56 Review

For recording top-notch crystal clear mic sounds, it’s among the best units of its type.

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This is an absolutely awesome all around interface. The pres are great, the converters are awesome and it works like a charm with Protools. If you want great sound for a great price I would recommend this interface hands down.

Michael from NYC


Works great in my home studio and will also work in my professional studio later. Very reliable. GREAT Preamps.

GG Lewis from Boston, MA

"This is the Man"

Liquid technology combines with Saffire PRO firewire interfacing to deliver a host of authentic pre-amp flavours, seamless software integration, excellent routing flexibility and future-proof, rock-solid driver stability.

Carlos from the US

User Stories

Paul Was

[my studio started] after a few too many beers, and a brilliant idea that we could track our jams, post them on myspace (does anyone even remember myspace?)...

Thiago H B Garcia

I have a system based on one Liquid Saffire 56 and one Octopre Dynamic MKII all set and hooked up to a Control 2802 also by Focusrite, and bought them about 1 year ago to fulfill my need of good AD/DA conversion and the number of I/O I needed.

Antonis Mikelis

I used a Liquid Saffire 56 as the main interface and I connected a Saffire Pro 40 and a Saffire Pro 26, both via ADAT for better monitoring use.

Michael Voss

I use the LS56 in my home studio for mixing and mastering sessions in Cubase and Wavelab, as well as for recording Vocals and acoustic instruments.

William Caisse

I've had a home studio ever since I had two portable cassette decks in the 60's ... I'd write my own songs, use cardboard boxes for drums, and sing into the built in mics on those cheap portable recorders...

Antti 'Dee' Heikkinen

I'm a hobbyist, singer-songwriter/musician with a small home studio. In my basement lair I've recorded several indie releases of my own...

Lucas Fackler

About 4 years ago I was about to move from my bedroom/house chaos studio into a place with a dedicated studio next to the house. Knowing I'd have 2 ISO booths and plenty of space, an upgrade from my old interface was absolutely essential....