Tape App for iPad

Key Features

Record with Tape

Record two separate inputs, or link them as a stereo pair

Use a portable audio interface like the iPad powered iTrack Solo - or even a professional rack interface like the Scarlett 18i20 - to record two sources in excellent quality. Record your vocal with your instrument of choice, capture a beautiful duet, or pair the inputs for a perfect stereo take. 


Metering in Tape App

Use the meters to ensure input levels are just right

Checking your input levels might just be the most important part of the recording process. Make sure you never ruin an otherwise perfect take with Tape's visual level indicator meters - the perfect accompaniment to the gain level dials on Focusrite interfaces.


Plug and play support for the iTrack Solo and Scarlett range, plus Core Audio Compliant audio interfaces

Tape is designed alongside Focusrite's audio interfaces for the best in connectivity. Use an iTrack Solo (or the all in one bundle iTrack Studio) to connect directly to your iPad and record anywhere, or a mains powered Scarlett interface for amazingly simple home recording.

Tape works with all iPad Core Audio Compatible audio interfaces, allowing you to base your set up around Focusrite even before you've got a Focusrite interface in the centre of your studio.

Low latency monitoring allows you to listen to your performance as you record

Monitor your performance in your headphones to allow you to hear what's going on at full volume, even when using the iPad as a direct input recording device for your guitar - perfect with the iTrack Studio package.

Trim the start and end points of your song

Get comfortable and record your performance in your own time. When you're finished, drag start and end points on the large waveform display to trim your perfect take before sharing.


Apply mastering and vocal processing effects to instantly improve your recording

When you've recorded your performance, enhance it with simple, one-button mastering and vocal processing presets. Focusrite multi-band compression makes your recording seem louder and more balanced across the frequency range no matter how it was recorded, and all in a single press. Two vocal presets apply compression, EQ and the option of reverb to make your vocals stand out in the mix, become more airy, and if you want it, more ambient and ethereal - all at the press of a button.

Keep time with an adjustable metronome

Play a speed adjustable metronome - or click track - into your ear to ensure you keep perfect time and tempo when you record. It's the little things that help you make a professional sounding recording with Tape.

Apply a custom title and image to your music and share via Soundcloud

Tape works with you at every stage of song creation; from recording your music to sharing a finished product with friends and fans, everything you need is within the app. When your performance is recorded and mastered, add sleeve artwork and a title and email or export it via iTunes - or upload it to SoundCloud, the world's largest community of music creators (free registration required). From there, share it with Facebook, Twitter, and the rest of your social world.