RAC using Focusrite in an analog world

24 Jun 2013

rac focusriteRAC do a lot of different things but the main focus has been remixes. The 3 person group has done over 200 official remixes for all kinds of big name artists such as U2, Kings Of Leon, Lady GaGa, Temper Trap, Two Door Cinema Club, and The Shins. It all started in January of 2007 and it's been going strong ever since.

The group uses the Novation Launchpad for their live DJ sets but has also incorporated Focusrite for their studio needs. RAC’s founder and coordinator, André Allen Anjos, takes us through his studio set up and how the Focusrite gear is utilized.

"Most of my setup is based on analog synths and real world instruments. I use the computer to sequence everything but I try to keep it as analog as possible. I'm using the Liquid Saffire 56 and OctoPre MkII Dynamic alongside a UA Apollo for my I/O. I have a Yamaha CP70, Rhodes 54, Wurli, Minimoog XL, DX7, Juno-60, MS10, a modular synth, etc. I run everything through a Rascal Audio Tonebuss 24 summing mixer to further bring it back into the analog world. 

I purchased the Liquid Saffire 56 and OctoPre MkII Dynamic specifically because I needed more I/O- the outputs for the summing mixer and the inputs because my collection of synths is growing. I use it on a number of things, but mostly my guitar amp with a Neumann U87.  The original intent was I/O for my summing mixer but I found myself using all the inputs and pre-amps because they sounded great. The routing options on the Liquid Saffire 56 are also awesome. It plays so nice with all my other gear. I love that I have 11 pre-amp coloration options in each mic-pre. That would take so long to do in analog world.

The quality of Focusrite products speaks for itself. The audio world can get very expensive and there's something to be said about the value of Focusrite gear. My Focusrite gear can handle almost anything I put it through. Focusrite has an amazing reputation and the gear backs it up."