"The level of professionalism I am looking for"

03 Aug 2012

Ki: Theory Saffire Pro 40Joel Burleson is a Virginia-bred indie electronic artist and producer that goes by the alias Ki:Theory (pronounced "key theory"). Ki:Theory was born in the early 00’s but Joel has been on the scene remixing for top artists such as Daft Punk/Tron: Legacy, Queens of the Stone Age, Cypress Hill x Rusko, Ladytron, Sasha, UNKLE, Rodrigo y Gabriela with Hans Zimmer and Brazilian Girls, amongst others. You can also catch his music on various television programs, including CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, First Ascent for the National Geographic International Channel, National Geographic Wild's 2011 TV series Killer Shots

Joel recently incorporated the Saffire Pro 40 into his live rig and has never looked back!

“I used the Saffire Pro 40 in my live set up on tours with Sparta and Phantogram and it worked great! I used it as an audio interface to route multiple outputs from Ableton Live. The Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 had just the right features and level of professionalism I am looking for. It just works - super easy to integrate into studio and live applications. It also seems very durable as I have taken it on cross-country flights and it has withstood the checked baggage test. When I get to the club it starts right up! It's definitely nice to not have to worry whether or not your audio Interface (integral part of our show) is going to start right up or just sit there with blinking error message (first hand experience with other brands).”