Slow Club - Developing Our First Studio

29 Jan 2013

slow club focusriteSlow Club are a London-based duo signed to Moshi Moshi. They've released two albums, toured internationally and played with the likes of KT Tunstall and Florence and the Machine.

We visited Charles and Rebecca, who have recently been developing their first 'proper' home studio setup, to talk gear/recording:

"Charles: We've just got a Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 -  it's nice to have good quality stuff going in [to the computer] and it's made a big difference having nice mic pres. Also, having more than two inputs is really cool.

Rebecca: It opens up quite a lot of doors for us because we're not "techhy" - whereas before we'd have to knock something up on GarageBand to then go and demo elsewhere, now we can record to a high standard ourselves very easily.

Charles: Previously we've just used poor quality samples and then had to re-record/time-stretch them. Now we can try out different ideas and know that we can keep them to confidently use in the future. It means recording can become a continuous process alongside writing/production, where we're using good quality gear from the start.

slow club novation launchpadWe've also begun to experiment with Ableton using a Novation Launchpad - the layout in User 1 mode is good fun and an interesting extension beyond a typical MIDI keyboard."

Slow Club are currently working on new album and touring.