Signed Red 1 in charity auction

09 Feb 2012

In November, 2010, some old friends of Focusrite stopped by the 129th AES Convention in San Francisco to create a piece of history; signing the last ever Focusrite Red 1. Since then the Red 1 has toured around the world, collecting signatures from a host of award winning producers and engineers including George Martin, Dave Way and Doc Wiley at AES New York, the MPG awards in London and of course AES San Francisco. The unit is now to be auctioned off for charity.

The Red 1 offers four channels of ultra-high quality Focusrite microphone preamplification. Used with high quality ribbon, valve and condenser mics, the Red 1 obtains outstanding results with any sound source, but especially voice, piano and string instruments. Thanks to its shared gain structure (20dB from the custom-wound transformer and up to 40dB from the amplifier), the Red 1 maintains a very low noise floor with the signature wide bandwidth of 10Hz to 150KHz.

The Focusrite Red Series was for many years the flagship of Focusrite's product line-up. Entirely hand made in the UK, each Red unit featured both custom input and output transformers, allowing a large amount of clean gain and the characteristic extended frequency bandwidth. Now discontinued, and extremely rare on the second hand market, these units still change hands for thousands of dollars.

100 % of the proceeds of this auction will go to the MusiCares charity, which was set up by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences in 1989. MusiCares provides a safety net of critical assistance for musicians, and others involved in music, during times of need. MusiCares strives to offer services and resources to cover a wide range of financial, medical and personal emergencies, with each case treated with integrity and confidentiality.

So go on, get your bid in early. Grab the chance to own a unique piece of audio engineering history, and help others in our wonderful industry at the same time!

Link to the eBay auction


Full list of signatures: 

Chuck Ainlay
Niko Bolas
Ed Cherney
Jimmy Douglass
Stephen Hart
Ross Hogarth
George Martin
Alan Parsons
David Reitzas
Paul Sandweiss
Eric Schilling
Al Schmidt
Dave Way
Doc Wiley