Scarlett 6i6 captures Marc Romboy at New York's Cielo club

10 Sep 2013

A good DJ set is a performance, an in-the-moment experience where the DJ reads the crowd's energy then selects and blends the right records at the right time to whip the audience into a frenzy. To best capture this wave-like energy, you have to record the sound of the crowd, as it's their reaction that helps to put the later-listener in the club: reliving what might have been the time of their life. 

Ever since DJs have been playing music in nightclubs, people have been doing exactly this. So this story wouldn't be particularly exceptional if it weren't for the back story:

Moth Live: Illich Mujica & Luis Padron 

It all started in the early 2000s, when Illich Mujica, Luis Padron (who DJ together as Moth) and Navid Azadi started Techtonics, a party that became a regular fixture on the New York techno scene. A few days after Illich and Navid enjoyed a night together at New York's Cielo club in 2009, Navid tragically passed away, prompting Mujica and Padron to stop throwing Techtonics parties and re-evaluate life. For years, Techtonics lay dormant, but an opportunity to host German techno stalwart DJ Marc Romboy, who had played Techtonics in the past, prompted Mujica and Padron to revive the party for one night only in summer 2013. The place: Cielo, New York, one of the city's most highly respected nightclubs. 

Marc Romboy 

To create a lasting memory of the night, Marc requested that his DJ set was recorded, complete with the sound of the crowd; the Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 was the perfect choice. With two award-winning Focusrite mic preamps, discrete balanced line inputs and flexible MixControl monitoring functions, it provides all the features required to record the direct output from the DJ mixer plus the stereo crowd mic (a Shure VP88 in this case) on separate channels, so their relative levels can be mixed in any audio software after the event. The clarity of the recording surprised Illich, even though they were in one of New York City's best-sounding clubs. "The mix was amazing, and the room mic sounded so crisp. We positioned the mic to achieve best rejection from the sound system, but I was astonished when I heard how clear it sounded through the Focusrite mic preamps." 

"I was astonished when I heard how clear it sounded" (Illich Mujica)

Scarlett 6i6 

You can hear the Marc Romboy mix from Cielo here, and the Moth Live mix here.