Recording Manu Delago and the London Symphony Orchestra with OctoPre MkII Dynamics

03 May 2012

Manu Delago Focusrite Focusrite favourite and top producer/composer/engineer Matt Robertson recently embarked on a rather unique recording project - having met whilst MD'ing for Björks Biophilia tour, Manu, who plays the hang and lots of other drums for her, asked Matt to record his concert with the London Symphony Orchestra so that a CD and DVD could be made of the concert. Here's a brief overview of how the OctoPre MkII Dynamics came into play:

"I like to have an elegant portable and reliable system for mobile recording and the new OctoPres allow me to get 24 great sounding pres in 3u, with the advantage of being able to run duplicate ADAT outs. This allows me to record to 2 totally separate computers for safety purposes and, because this show was a one off, the thought of a recording rig going down was pretty daunting! It was a varied concert with some notable recording challenges -  instruments included 3 hang, 2 marimbas, wind-up toys, a dining table and 2 toothbrushes, not to mention the strings of the LSO!

Manu Delago Focusrite

Using a selection of microphones (Neumann, AKG, Rode, Soundfield, DPA) and with the help of the excellent technical team at LSO St Lukes near Old Street in London, I was able to capture the intimate and exciting atmosphere of this unique concert. It's always a challenge recording live shows, keeping a balance of capturing a great sound, and being un-obtrusive visually. I rely on my mobile gear to work without any hassle and give me a clean and precise sound. The Focusrite OctoPres allow me that luxury. The signal to noise is great enough for some demanding dynamic orchestral music, and the converters are amazing in this price range."



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