Positive Grid Joins Plug-in Collective

28 Oct 2016

Positive Grid has risen rapidly as a leader in guitar tone science, since starting life as a small collective of engineers and guitar players in 2008. Since then, they’ve grown to an almost hundred-strong crew of self-confessed ‘tone geeks’ from all over the world, from home base in California to the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Taiwan. And, despite their inclusion in Focusrite’s Plugin Collective, they also make critically acclaimed hardware, including the flagship BIAS Head guitar amp and several other real-life pieces of gear such as the forthcoming BIAS Distortion pedal.

Positive Grid’s Jaime Ruchman explains the company’s journey from its inception. “We started by designing and developing a core technology base, which we have expanded to various mobile, desktop, and hardware applications.” As result, the company’s product range features iOS apps, such as the best-selling JamUp, as well as BIAS Amp and BIAS FX software for iOS and desktop, and the aforementioned BIAS Head amplifier.

Jaime continues, “we believe that our products are just tools that help the creative process. We love technology, but what we love the most is to perform and create music. Positive Grid is all about living, sharing, and connecting through the spirit of music.”  

Positive Grid’s contribution to the Focusrite Plugin Collective is BIAS FX, a guitar effects processor that’s “designed from the ground up with no-compromise mindset on sound quality,” says Jaime. It comes with all the latest algorithms from Positive Grid’s audio signal processing research, and it provides detailed and authentic emulation of analogue pedals and studio racks. What’s more, it has dual custom BIAS Amp Match models integration and dual signal chain, meaning you can run two amp simulations and two virtual pedalboards simultaneously, to create a completely unique sound. Once you’ve perfected your tone, you can then share your presets to the cloud via ToneCloud, Positive Grid’s cloud-based tone community, and download thousands of pedalboards from fellow users. 

If you’re a Focusrite interface owner, you can get BIAS FX for free in the month of November as part of Focusrite’s Plugin Collective initiative. Click here to learn if you’re eligible.