Mike Dawson - Adam Carolla

02 Aug 2013

Mike Dawson is the chief engineer at Carolla Digital, a podcasting network featuring Adam Carolla, Dr. Drew Pinksy, Penn Jillette, Larry Miller and others. Mike is the announcer, producer, and chief engineer of The Adam Carolla Show, which holds the world record of `most downloaded show on the Internet'. Mike has chosen to use Forte because of its quality, durability and innovation.

Mike Dawson and Adam Carolla


“The Focusrite Forte has made mobile recording so easy. I fell in love with its design and ease of use. After I saw it at NAMM, I knew I had to have it and already was thinking of how I could use it. From voice overs, to concert recordings to music tracking, it's plug and play. It always works and there's no downtime.


We put the Forte through the ultimate test to record a concert and a podcast up at Adam Carolla's house for a fundraising benefit for Children's Hospital. We needed a simple, yet professional sounding recording of three bands, plus one on one interviews with Howie Mandell and John Popper.




First we set up the Forte at FOH to capture performances from Susanna Hoffs, John Popper and Fitz & The Tantrums. We plugged in two shotgun RØDE NTG2 microphones and pointed them at the FOH live monitors. We caught exactly what was coming from front of house, with no digital hiccups. Amazing! In between sets, we ran the Forte up to the pool house, which we were using for interviews and a green room. It's a good thing the Forte is small and easily transferred from one space to another. We had very little time to make the move, as we did interviews in between performance sets. For the interviews, we plugged in two RØDE Broadcaster microphones into the Forte and recorded audio.


We are all incredibly stoked with the performance of the Focusrite Forte. We use it consistently without a single glitch. I keep the Forte in my road case. Any time I need to record, anywhere, I can do so easily. And with battery-powered +48v on my RØDE mics, I don't even need a power outlet. I just need my laptop, my Forte and my mics.”