Icon Collective - Forte Powered

17 Jul 2013
Icon Collective is an online and Los Angeles, California based music production school that caters directly to individuals who aspire to develop careers as artists. Established 7 years ago, Icon Collective addresses independent artists and what it means to live a successful creative lifestyle. Co-Founder David Alexander explains why Icon Collective is unique in the world of music production schools and why their graduates are one step ahead of the pack.
“The curriculum of most recording schools’ education is based around an engineering model that trains artists to be technicians.  For people who want to be "engineers," these schools are appropriate, but not for artists. The fact is the majority of music being made today is made on a computer."
Icon Collective in the Studio
Icon Collective has created a family of like-minded people that are passionate about creating music. The curriculum focuses on teaching students not only how to produce commercial grade music on their laptops, but how to develop their brands, release their records, market to their fan base through social media, create multiple forms of revenue streams, and more. In essence, Icon Collective’s graduates leave with a business plan as professional artists. They learn how to "create" their own success as opposed to going out and "seeking" jobs.  
One of our former students, MakJ, is a perfect model of a successful Icon Collective graduate. He's only 22 years old and is constantly touring and has major residencies in Las Vegas. His upcoming releases in 2013 include tracks on Hardwell’s Revealed label, Bingo Players’ Hysteria Records, Nicky Romero’s Protocol, and Robbie Rivera’s Juicy Music. He's only one example of many Icon graduates living successful creative lifestyles.
Our Los Angeles campus is based in Burbank California. It’s an 11,000 square foot facility that housed the former "Enterprise Studios" where many reputable acts have recorded albums. Our upstairs studio is where Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson mixed Thriller. Dave Pensado’s body of work was recorded in one of the downstairs studios. Our classrooms are actual THX Certified Mixing Theatres. What better place to talk about and experience music and sound?! Everyone from Missy Elliot to System of a Down has cut tracks in our classrooms. It’s so inspiring to know that we are now guiding and educating the next generation of artists and music producers in a space with such a legacy behind it.
While our facilities are equipped with top-notch quality, we have very minimal gear in the classrooms and studios. You will find a studio desk, great monitors and a sub, a vocal recording mic-pre and LCD Screens. Each student has his and her own MacBook Pro with Ableton and Logic. We want the gear in the facilities to mirror what the grads will be using in their home studios. Our gear selection is methodical and consistent with our DAW based, music production philosophy.
Icon Collective in the Studio
Our entire facility is "Forte Powered.”  All 11 labs, studios, theatres, and classrooms are outfitted with Fortes. We chose the Forte because of its design, quality of build, user interface, and sonic characteristics. Over the last seven years, we've worked with almost every soundcard on the market, from MOTU, Lexicon, Presounus, M-Audio to Tascam and Apogee Duets. They always fell short of our expectations, became discontinued, or had design flaws that resulted in connections breaking and other issues. When we moved to the new location, we needed a sound card that sounded great, had a great price point and was well designed in terms of user interface. The Forte was perfect for our needs and those of our students.
The gear our students use during our program is critical because these are the tools they will use to achieve success upon graduation. Our gear selection is based on what our staff and advisors are using to be successful in their own careers, all of who are producers by trade. Every three months we receive counsel from our industry advisors such as Mark Knight (Artist and owner of ToolRoom Records), Steve Duda (DeadMau5, Skrillex, will.i.am) and other successful Artists/Music Producers to keep not only our gear, but also our curriculum, fresh and relevant.
We are proud to have Focusrite Novation as a sponsor for our second annual Scholarship Contest. We are giving away 2 full scholarships to Icon Interactive, our 9-month online program, along with a Novation Launchkey, Launchpad S and Ableton prize packs. Applicants will submit a short video of themselves explaining their story and vision for living a successful artistic lifestyle and how Icon can help make that a reality. With Focusrite Novation’s support, we will be granting 2 lucky producers with a life-changing opportunity to take their careers to the next level."
Interested in attending Icon Interactive Online? Submit a short video (5 minutes max) telling your story and sharing your vision for how Icon Collective can help you reach your goals for your chance to partake in this life-changing journey. Click here for the competition details.