Focusrite Launch Two Brand New Products

15 Sep 2009
We are pleased to announce the arrival of two new additions to the Focusrite range. The Saffire 6 USB brings the Focusrite interface to a new level of affordability, without compromising on quality. The Octopre MkII is a new take on the Platinum Octopre LE; the 8 mic-pre workhorse which found its way into so many professional and project studios.
Saffire 6 USB
The Saffire 6 USB makes Focusrite's renowned sound quality and performance available to more people than ever before. The design brief was to take two of our legendary mic pres, and make a 2 in/4out interface with simplicity and reliability at the top of the wish list.
Ideal for Laptop DJs
• Four outputs allow you to route two stereo pairs to different sides of a DJ mixer.• Switchable headphone output enables you to cue up tracks.• Mic/line inputs to add external instruments or a microphone to the performance.• Simple three-dial monitoring: one for the main out, one for your cans, and one to mix in other inputs.
Perfect for Tracking
• 2 mic-pres with phantom power, pad and instrument switches.• Monitor outputs on 1/4inch jacks or RCA phono jacks.• Switchable headphone output.• Mixer section to blend between your input and the signal playing back from your computer.• MIDI I/O.
Octopre MkII
Octopre MkII is the new solution for expanding your recording system. It consists of eight Focusrite mic-pres and a built in 24bit/96khz ADAT output - ideal for making use of often neglected ADAT inputs on soundcards, digital desks and Pro Tools hardware. It is also great for live use as it has eight analogue line-outs where you can use the mic-pres, send lines out to individual channels on your mixer, leaving the ADAT outs free to route to a hard disk recorder.
• Eight Focusrite mic-pres optimised for recording drums.• Direct inputs in channels one and two for guitar, bass and line level instruments.• Built in ADAT 24bit/96khz I/O.• Five LED metering on each channel.