Focusrite Forte Reviews: What the experts are saying

25 Jan 2013

Focusrite Forte is a professional 2 in, 4 out portable USB audio interface for Mac and Windows, designed to deliver analogue sources to your DAW at the highest possible quality. But don't just take our word, here is what some of the world's most respected reviewers are saying:


Review: Focusrite Forte, Sonicscoop (Jan 2013)

“…compact cost effectiveness of a small USB interface with the uncompromising specs of a true piece of professional-grade gear.”

“The preamps sounded big, clear, and clean with noise-free gain for days.”

Focusrite Forte USB 2.0 Audio Interface, Craig Anderton, (Sep 2012)

“In a word, Forte sounds wonderful.”

“Forte…has the aesthetics of high-end consumer equipment, but the performance of pro gear…”

 Focusrite Forte Audio Interface: Simple Design, Superior Sound, David Larkin, Crossfadr (Nov 2012)

“…as with many Focusrite products, the Forte Audio Interface starts with a foundation of past successes (and excellent sound quality) and essentially takes it all up a notch—better sound, an organic LED display, and a 24-bit/192kHz resolution.”

 Focusrite Forte Review, Pro Tools Expert (Nov 2012)

“high quality recording for the many…”

“It is perfect for song writers, foley, radio and TV work - offering a high build and sound quality.”

“…able to deliver the quality that pro producers are looking for…”

 Focusrite Forte Review, (Nov 2012)

“Forte takes functionality a step further than its competition…”

“…astounding A/D converters…”

“The value of clean A/D conversions and powerful preamps pack a lot of value, worth well more than the actual cost.”

“The intuitive and simple design means there’s really no learning curve with the hardware, leaving home recordists the closest thing possible to a plug-and-play experience. With the cleanest possible signal, there’s more time for artists to experiment with the sound once it’s in the computer.”

 Review: Focusrite Forte, Mo Volans, (Dec 2012)

“Simply put, the output from the device is pristine.”

“…this is an excellent interface perfectly capable of capturing professional recordings and mixing projects to release quality.”

 Focusrite Forte USB Audio Interface Review, Michael Liang (Nov 2012)

“…definitely well worth the investment.” (5:00)

“…a very neutral sounding device…”

New Toys: Focusrite Forte USB Audio Interface, Barry Rudolph, Music Connection (Dec 2012)

“…there is abundant gain available for old, low output ribbon mics…”

Focusrite Forte Audio Interface, Russ Long, Pro Audio Review (Oct 2012)

“Forte packs a truly professional recording setup into a mobile device at an accessible price.”

“…extremely natural and intuitive.”

“…inputs don’t want have to be re-patched every time you switch from a microphone to a direct sound source.”

“I used the Forte…and found that I had a fantastic sounding studio that I could carry anywhere and setup in a flash.”

“Forte’s mic preamps are simply stellar. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them in the most critical recording situation.”

“…affordable way to set up a streamlined, capable project studio…”

Focusrite Forte USB Audio Interface, Hugh Robjohns, Technical Editor, Sound On Sound (Nov 2012)

“Masses of clean, sweet microphone gain.”

“…reassuringly professional…”

“…punches well above its cost in terms of performance.”

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