Focusrite Forte at Red Bull Studios LA

06 Mar 2013

red bull studios LA focusrite forte
Red Bull Studio's Eric Stenman

Everyone knows that Red Bull is more than just an energy drink. As one of the world's biggest and best known brands, their influence is everywhere, from sports teams and the wacky Red Bull Flugtag, to the Red Bull Music Academy, which each year takes a selected group of budding music makers on the experience of a lifetime. 

Red Bull also have a network of studios around the world, in locations such as London, Madrid and Cape Town. The studios aren't available for public bookings; instead, specific artists are invited by the Red Bull teams to use them. As a result, the studios are always booked solid, and the musical diversity is as extreme as it gets.

In their flagship US studio, at Red Bull North America HQ in Los Angeles, chief engineer Eric Stenman has recently been trying out the Focusrite Forte, the best of the best in Focusrite's portable USB audio interface family. 

Despite having world-class tracking and mixing rooms at the studios, Eric constantly encounters artists bringing in tracks on their laptops, which obviously have to be piped into the studio's system without losing quality at any stage. With the Focusrite Forte, he's found that he can do this with his artists without compromise. 

"More and more in today's audio world, people are creating everything on laptops. The Forte does an amazing job at turning your laptop into a viable portable studio. It sounds, feels, and looks great!" 

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