Focusrite at Winter NAMM 2011

07 Jan 2011
Focusrite launches new products at NAMM

Focusrite is launching a host of exciting new products at NAMM 2011 including a RedNet - a brand new network audio system - and VRM box which presents Focusrite's 'Virtual Reference Monitoring' system in a more compact and affordable form. Other announcements include the Midnight plug-in Suite - modelled on the classic ISA 110 and 130 channel strips - and Focusrite's RTAS MixControl plug-in, which enables flexible monitor control for Focusrite interface users within Pro Tools 9.


RedNet is Focusrite’s new professional audio networking system, delivering all the features required in a professional studio environment. With RedNet, your audio computer system can be running any audio software you wish to use: you are not locked into a single system. 

RedNet uses Australian company Audinate's tried and tested 'Dante' audio networking technology. Dante uses standard IP-based networking and components, such as Ethernet cables, routers and switches, to carry up to 256 channels of high-resolution digital audio with extremely low latency: under three milliseconds at all sample rates. The most significant advantage of using Ethernet to transfer audio is its total reliability. 

The system is based around the RedNet PCIe card which delivers less than 3ms latency, but the breakout boxes can be used without the card (at the expense of a few extra milliseconds of latency) by plugging them straight into your computer's Ethernet port. 

RedNet 1 and RedNet 2 - AD/DA Interfaces:

RedNet 3 - Digital I/O

RedNet 4 -  Mic Preamplifier and Line Inputs


Compact headphone monitoring system with VRM - Focusrite's 'Virtual Reference Monitoring' technology. VRM lets you hear your mix in different rooms, through different speakers with just your headphones. You can choose between 10 pairs of industry standard monitors, computer speakers, television speakers and consumer hi-fi speakers - a powerful set of tools for referencing mixes! VRM also has 3 different room models: a mixing studio, a living room and a bedroom mixing situation.

VRM box has a SPDIF input so it can be used in conjunction with your audio interface.

Midnight Plugin Suite

Focusrite built its name on the ISA110 and 130, the EQ and compressor from the legendary Focusrite Forte Console. 'Midnight' precisely models these units as VST, AU and RTAS plug-ins. The ISA 110 and 130 have been used in the production of countless classic records and still change hands for thousands today. Midnight brings their sound into a realistic price range with the convenience of a software plug-in.

RTAS MixControl

All Focusrite's interfaces are Pro Tools 9 ready. Now, for even tighter integration, Focusrite has created the RTAS MixControl plug-in. This enables flexible monitoring control within ProTools, allowing you to blend between ProTools and the direct input so artists can benefit from ultra-low latency monitoring. 

• Free update for Focusrite MixControl software
• Allows tighter integration with Pro Tools 9
• Quick access to ultra-low-latency monitoring

Join Focusrite on booth #6464 in Hall A for possibly the most exciting new releases at the show!