DELS: A Focusrite & Novation Sound Session

01 Mar 2012

Ninja Tune artist DELS caught our eye with his outstanding music videos for Trumpalump and Shapeshift — both singles from his debut album GOB, released in 2011. 

His UK grime and hip hop-influenced vocal delivery, and neck-jerking beats — created with a little help from producer superstars in the making Kwes, Micachu (of The Shapes) and Hot Chip's Joe Goddard — cuts its path through modern urban music, referencing luminaries Roots Manuva to Jay-Z along the way.

We worked with DELS on the video for his single Moonshining, in which he used a Focusrite ISA One mic preamp on his main vocal. The entire session was recorded using an OctoPre MkII Dynamic hooked up to a Saffire Pro 40, while his two keys players used Scarlett 2i2 and Saffire 6 USB audio interfaces.

Check out the video here: