Michel Joncas

When I was a young boy, I was (and still am) a huge progressive rock fan. I began to play bass guitar when I was a teenager and always dreamed to have my own progressive rock band. Unfortunately, I never met the right guys to play with and just forgot this dream, thinking, over the years, that it was impossible. Meanwhile, I kept playing bass, guitar and keyboards in my basement with no clear goal.

Time passed and one day (in 2010), I began, with a friend of mine, to work on some songs. We liked what we did and found other musicians to start our own progressive rock band. At the begining I totally ignored what was a DAW and recording hardware. When the time was arrive to get some gear, another friend suggested me the Foscurite products. Then, I bought the Saffire Pro 40 and recorded with this unit all the bass, vocals and keyboard tracks, all this in my basement.

I released, at 45 years old, my first album, Despite Guardian Angels, with my band, Huis.

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