Focusrite Mic Pre Masters RedNet

Recording Goldie and the Heritage Orchestra with RedNet

Goldie is a man who needs no introduction. The former graffiti artist, drum ‘n’ bass pioneer and Metalheadz label founder recently collaborated with the Heritage Orchestra, conducted by Jules Buckley, to bring to life his landmark debut album Timeless, reworking the tracks for full orchestra, band, choir, electronics and guest vocalists for a sell-out show at James Lavelle’s Meltdown Festival – and due to popular demand, he brought the show back to Royal Festival Hall. This was a recording opportunity too good to miss.

To showcase this special performance, we used Focusrite’s RedNet audio-over-IP system with its high-performance remote-controlled mic preamps to record the concert in its entirety.

This was an enormous recording session, ideally suited to RedNet with its Dante network connectivity and remote-control capability. 98 tracks were recorded, including orchestra, two drummers, electric guitar, bass, choir, synthesisers and more. The session was recorded by Will Hoult, Simon Short and Cameron Stevenson, with FOH engineer Tom Gelissen, who also mixed the recording. We would particularly like to thank RedNet users RNSS for their invaluable support during the event.

Here’s a stereo mix of Inner City Life – an excerpt from Timeless – from the concert. Below, with our on-screen mixer, you can listen to an excerpt from the song and hear its component parts.

RedNet – The Reference

Every Focusrite interface range has its own, specially-designed mic pre that builds on the strengths of the platform to deliver the highest quality performance in the industry. Nowhere is that more true than with RedNet. RedNet interfaces are designed to the highest standards and deliver the highest quality and reliability in the most rigorous of environments such as live sound and education, as well as in the studio. Thanks to their remote-controlled mic preamps, RedNet interfaces can be placed as near to the source as possible and connected to the network via a standard Ethernet cable. The mic pres offer the highest quality of any Focusrite computer interface microphone preamplifier, with extremely low distortion and noise floor, and extremely high accuracy. The preamps are fully remotely controlled by software running on the host computer.

Mixing Classic Goldie

Here’s a multitrack excerpt from this performance of Inner City Life, the stereo mix of which can be heard above. In our on-screen mixer, we’ve broken the song down into a set of “stems” or submixes. To avoid making the mix too complex we’ve chosen part of the concert that has a relatively simple lineup. You can hear each stem individually by soloing it (the S button), or drop them out with the mute (M) button. Create your own mix using the faders on the left. To play the complete excerpt again, just stop and hit play, or click anywhere in the waveforms to go to a specific point.

To find out a little about how each track was recorded, click on the track name above the fader. Due to the complexity of the session, it’s difficult to provide a great deal of detail. There is also inevitably a good deal of leakage – it’s a live concert and there’s a full PA and two drummers – but we think you’ll agree it sounds great. The performance was recorded using 13 RedNet MP8R 8-channel interfaces on 98 tracks with two separate computers, one run as a backup, both able to capture the same audio, thanks to the Dante network.

Please allow time for the tracks to load before you listen to them. The lossless, CD quality versions are larger in size and therefore take longer to load than the compressed .mp3 versions below. To listen to the lossless files, click on the button at the top of the player.