James Screaton

I was asked to play guitar and keyboards by a friend of mine for the band Three Lions and this became quite a challenge when the gig was a Rock Festival in Milan, and I couldn't use my usual rig.

As the amount of gear I could take was minimal (one guitar and a carry-on bag), I decided that I would have to use a laptop to provide keyboard sounds and due to the fact there are quick changes between instruments, I needed it to provide guitar sounds too, so I needed an audio interface that gave me low latency.

As I use a Saffire PRO 40 in my studio, it was an obvious choice to get a smaller, more portable version, so the PRO 14 was ideal and met all my requirements - works well with a mac laptop, low latency, guitar input and MIDI in for whatever MIDI controller keyboard was provided at the gig.

I then set about building a virtual rig using Mainstage and a double usb footswitch to get me through the 7 song set, with keyboards on outputs 1 & 2, and guitar on output 3. I eventually got a working system, and despite being concerned that many things could go wrong, it all worked perfectly, and the gig went very well, despite having a very short time period to get everything set up.