iZotope: inspiring music makers since 2001

iZotope’s story begins back in 2001 when a group of talented students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, including current CEO Mark Ethier, huddled in a dorm room and dreamed of the future of creative tools. Intrigued by the intersection of music, sound, and computers, the team first began by experimenting with what made analog gear different from its digital equivalents. iZotope’s first commercial product, the Ozone mastering suite, spurred rave reviews with its fresh approach to mastering. Its success enabled the company to start an entire line of forward-thinking products and technologies in the years that followed. With products like Neutron, Nectar, VocalSynth, Iris, and the RX family of tools, iZotope develops inspiring new offerings that benefit users across all stages of creative process.

The company’s mission statement is “to inspire and enable people to be creative”, and they achieve this with an amazingly diverse team of engineers and music makers. “iZotope is positively crawling with musicians, and people of many other talents.” says iZotope’s Melissa Misicka “We have brilliant engineers with 5 and 10 patents apiece. We have a founding and current member of the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, who has performed on every late night show... he even has had cameos in Clueless and on The Simpsons. We have the original drummer of indie group Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, who has performed on the main stage at Lollapalooza. We have a marketing team member whose productions have reached the top 15 on the Billboard Club Charts for the last six years. We even have a software engineer who worked on the music for an independent film that made it all the way to Cannes! Best of all, we’re a team of intensely intelligent and thoughtful people who genuinely care about the creative community we serve.”

iZotope’s DDLY was featured in the August 2016 Focusrite Plugin Collective. Find out more about DDLY here.