Forte For Producers


Make better mixes and hear detail that will take your monitoring to the next level, and make big studio quality recordings – even on the move.


Record sound in such intricate detail, with so much air and depth, that your mixes are easier and your final sound will have a level of quality you didn't think possible.

With Forte, the staggering recording capabilities of Rednet pre-amps are available for the first time in a desktop interface. Experience large-scale studio level ultra low noise and high definition through phantom powered inputs - anywhere.

Forte Preamps from RedNet


Uncover clarity and detail that you didn't even realise existed and create more balanced, more accurate, better sounding mixes. Forte's digital to analogue conversion quality and pro level outputs squeeze every last drop of performance from your monitors.

Forte's High Quality AD and DA Conversion


Forte's dedicated headphone output allows you to send a separate mix to a recording booth - while you monitor live at your DAW. Forte Control allows you to mix in a latency free direct monitor, whilst you control your monitors and headphone levels with Forte's large, convenient dial.

Forte Control for Mac and Windows

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