Forte For Guitarists


Experience the amazing recording clarity that your favourite instrument deserves - from a portable interface that puts ease of use first.

Mic-Up, Line-In or Record Direct

Forte's Rednet pre-amps and premium converters deliver extraordinary 192KHz sampling rate and an incredible signal to noise ratio because your guitar and mic should retain all their natural quality and character - however you record.

Whether recording a direct input or miking your favourite stack you'll capture every nuance of your sound, and you can listen through a latency free direct monitor.

Forte Preamps from RedNet

Set and forget simplicity, the power of Forte Control when you need it

Get the big knob feel you're used to from your stage ready equipment with Forte. Easily and precisely tweak your sound using Forte's central dial and large OLED display, and save time with Forte Control's instant save and recall of your settings.

Forte's High Quality AD and DA Conversion

Capture your performance with stunning accuracy

The gentle ring of the frets on your acoustic, the bloom of harmonics on your electric, the saturation from your amp... the Focusrite Rednet large-scale studio level pre-amps and unbelievable conversion quality captured with 24/192 operation will reproduce detail you thought was lost forever.

Forte Control for Mac and Windows

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