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Plug-in Collective Nugen Audio

January’s Plug-in Collective community giveaway is an endlessly useful ”bass management” utility from acclaimed British developer Nugen Audio. From 16th January to 12th March, Plug-in Collective members can grab Monofilter Elements for free, and take advantage of a $100 discount on a wide range of powerful music production tools in the Nugen Audio e-store.

A slick and intuitive VST/VST3/AU/AAX plugin for Mac and PC, Monofilter Elements solidifies your bottom end by ‘mono-ising’ the low frequencies without affecting the rest of the spectrum. Use it to centre low-frequency content within a full mix for phase coherence and maximum impact on mono playback systems, tighten up individual stereo bass tracks, counteract low-end-muddying stereo effects, and more.

Unlike some other mono filtering plug-ins, Monofilter Elements’ processing doesn’t have to be ‘all or nothing’, as the Monofilter Algorithm slider works like a depth control, progressively narrowing the low frequencies and raising the cutoff point below which the mono-ising occurs. The Trim control, meanwhile, enables attenuation or boosting of the mono portion by up to 10dB, and a sweepable high-pass filter can be deployed to shave off everything below 20-349Hz. Add in a helpful ‘quick start’ preset library, A/B comparison and a stereo differential spectrum analyser, and you have an indispensable mixing and mastering plug-in for any producer or engineer.

“The first Plug-in Collective offer of the new decade sees us working with our friends at Nugen Audio,” says Plug-in Collective Product Manager Jonathan Campbell. “This is a great little tool for ensuring the phase alignment of your low-end is correct. This is especially important if, like mine, your music will come straight out of your DAW and onto a big club system – many of which still operate in mono. It’s super clean and simple interface allows you to make the changes you need quickly.”

Plug-in Collective members can download Monofilter Elements for free from their Focusrite account, from 16th January to 12th March. While there, they’ll also be able to apply a $100 discount code in the Nugen Audio e-store on any transaction totalling over $100.

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