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Our Plug-in Collective community giveaway for November to January is the highly acclaimed multiband distortion unit from D16’s Silverline Collection of virtual effects.

From 19th November to 14th January, Plug-in Collective members can download Devastor 2 – normally retailing for €49 – for free, and claim 50% discount on everything in the D16 online store.

A massively expanded reimagining of the distortion section from D16’s legendary Phoscyon Roland TB-303 clone, Devastor 2 brings together analogue-style dynamics processing, distortion and filtering to serve up an endless continuum of sonic flavours, from gentle frequency-targeted warming to full-on decimation.

Dial in punch and heft with Devastor 2’s one-knob compressor, drive the stunning diode clipper emulation into any of six shapable distortion transfer curves, and mould the frequency spectrum – before, after and/or in parallel with the distortion circuit – using a trio of independent resonant filters, each switchable between low-pass, high-pass, band-pass and band reject modes. A selection of nine preset topologies defines the signal flow through the clipper and filters, for a wide range of transformative routings; a limiter is on hand at the end of the path to rein in excessive peaks; and the dry/wet mix control enables parallel processing.

Supremely easy to use and so convincingly ‘analogue’ it hurts, Devastor 2 is a versatile and characterful effects processor for sound design and mixing. From adding bite and weight to drums and basses, to enhancing, distorting and mangling guitars and synths, to taking vocals in all sorts of colourful new directions, it’s a plug-in that you’ll turn to time and time again.

On top of that, Plug-in Collective members can also take advantage of a 50% discount on everything in D16’s online store, including the Nepheton TR-808 and LuSH-101 SH-101 emulations, PunchBOX kick drum synth, Sigmund quad delay unit, Syntorus 2 BBD chorus and many more.


This month we’ve teamed up with our friends at D16 to bring you the legendary Devastor 2,” comments Plug-in Collective Product Manager Jonathan Campbell. “This is one of my all time favourite distortion plug-ins – almost every track I’ve made in the last couple of years has featured it! It’s probably the most diverse distortion plug-in I’ve used, sounding great on everything from basses to drums, and even being great for warming up and saturating vocals. I’m confident that no matter what genre of music you make, you’ll love using this one!

Plug-in Collective members can download Devastor 2 for free from their Focusrite account from 19th November to 14th January; and redeeming the plug-in code will automatically activate their 50% store-wide discount.

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