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Focusrite USB ASIO Driver - 2nd Gen Scarletts Only - Windows (Please expand details below)
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Windows Only

Focusrite USB ASIO driver version 4.12.0 - For use with Scarlett 2nd Gen devices ONLY (serial prefix - Vxxxxxxxxxxxx or Wxxxxxxxxxxxx).

If you have purchased a 1st Gen Scarlett (serial prefix Sxxxxxxxxxxxx or Txxxxxxxxxxxx), please download and install Focusrite USB 2.0 driver HERE.

Fixes from 4.11:

  • Major improvements with issue that caused distorted audio when streaming for long periods of time on Windows 10. In the unlikely event of this occuring again, the driver recovery time back to clean audio is also greatly improved.
  • Major fixes for crashes found when disconnecting Scarletts from some computers.

Known issues:

  • Some Windows 7 PCs that do not have the latest Microsoft Windows updates may show an error regarding driver signing/not available. To resolve this, simply fully update your Windows 7. If you do not want to fully update Windows 7, the exact Microsoft update needed can be found HERE.
  • This driver is not compatible with Pro Tools | First. For a Pro Tools | First compatible driver, please see the Focusrite Help Centre.
  • Users who have a fresh install of Windows 10 Anniversary Update (also known as Redstone) may encounter driver signing issues when installing, if this is the case, please see the following article HERE. Please note that this should not affect Windows 10 users who have upgraded to the Anniversary Update from a previous version of Windows 10.

Pro Tools | First users:

If you wish to use your Scarlett 2nd Gen interface with the supplied Pro Tools | First DAW software, please do not install the above driver and instead please see the following article HERE.

2nd Gen Operating Sytem Compatibility:

Please see the Scarlett 2nd Gen OS Compatibility Checker HERE.

Optional Low Latency Installer - Mac Only (please expand details below to download)
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Mac OS X only (optional):

Please find our article explaining the Scarlett 2nd Gen Low Latency Installer, it's benefits and known issues HERE

User Guides

Scarlett 2nd Gen Getting Started Guides
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You will also find the English version on the inside lid of your Scarlett interface box.

Scarlett 2i2 2nd Gen User Guide
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User Guide for the Scarlett 2i2 2nd Gen interface